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About Us

Get to know us better
Dreamers Who Do

Raising our 4 kids on 7 acres. We are suburban transplants from the Houston area transforming raw land into a functioning, fruitful homestead.  We believe in working hard and making space for the things that matter most. In 2013, our health became a priority. We began using essential oils for our health, eating a clean diet, and removing toxins from our home. Dreaming of space to grow that food was just ahead.

Suburbs to the Homestead

We downsized our house, upgraded our time, and shook things up in just one move.  With the Houston suburbs in our rearview mirror, we converted a shed…into a house on 7 acres in Central Texas. I get it, it’s totally weird for a couple with kids to say sayonara to the master planned community! But being mortgage free in our 30s and no HOA rules was just too good to pass up.

Striving for Sustainability

Before stock market crashes and pandemics, we dreamed of growing our own food and raising animals, and creating space for our kids to explore. The suburbs didn’t line up with those goals. So we built businesses that earned us residual income and gave us time freedom to create margins for a life that didn’t depend on fluctuating economy, but community and intentional living.









Wannabe Farmer Dad


Somewhere in my early 20s I fell in love with a girl in theatre class. I married her and began our lives together running our video production business. Then God flipped everything upside down and I went from film geek to a future farmer. We knew nothing except that following the Lord’s lead was surely the best way. He showed us the land, so we bought it. We bought the land. We are learning to grow food and to trust and obey.

Coolest Momma on the PLANET!


Well, hello there! This is the awkward part where I talk about myself. So here goes…I am raising free thinkers who live full and healthy lives. I want to be willing to follow Jesus in big risky ways AND in the mundane, folding laundry. In these last few years, I’ve realized that we all need the village and friends who encourage us to do hard things. I’m not much for teaspoon talk about the weather, life’s too short for shallow chatter. So I’m the friend who brings essential oils and sourdough and puts her feet up for good conversation and hot coffee.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

The Crew

We are a little bit crunchy and a whole lotta bit fun. Somehow, we hit the jackpot with creative, hilarious small humans. Life with a big family isn’t always rainbow marshmallows and glitter. It can be messy and totally ruin the possibility of peeing alone. It can also be sweet, and expose the rough spots that need attention. We promise not to show you just the lovely side, but let you know the work on the rough spots is worth it.

A Bit About Us

We met at Texas State in the most gorgeous part of the Hill Country in our fair state. And from the beginning of us, we’ve always run things just a little askew from normal. Early on in our marriage, we caught a heart for the nations and thought we’d move overseas sharing the gospel. It turned out, we were meant to learn a lot more before that adventure.

Parenthood is the toughest hood we’ve ever walked into and one of our greatest joys. Living a debt free, time free lifestyle is for them! But to do that means saying “no” to a lot of what the world says is important. Even so, at the beginning of this whole homesteading thing, we can see the fruits of living a slower paced, intentional life.



Essential Oils and Time Freedom!0

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