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About us & our blog

Hey y’all!!  We are the Brothertons, a crazy family of 6 swimming upstream and challenging the status-quo. Semi-crunchy, homeschooling, debt free, Jesus-loving, community-minded…we run this site along with OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL documenting our move from the suburbs to our 7 acre property in central Texas.

And it is our heart that you find a home here with us.

Beau’s background is video production; running his own co. and heading up a new media team in a local church before following the call to be a time-free dad. Kelly came to Houston to act on stage, transitioned to children’s discipleship and on to motherhood and essential oil education. Dreaming this thing up, we have found that life really is Better Together.

This site is our journey to intentional living. Knowing us, this little blog may become more of a “How NOT to Guide” on the first years of homeschool, building a homestead in Texas, and navigating everything new in between.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates Brotherton Family Flops and videos of our adventures a few times each week!


The best way to contact us is via the comments on YouTube or our Facebook Group, Shed to House.

Or shoot us an email by putting “BTL” in the subject line…the spammers haven’t figured that out yet 😉


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