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Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 2

Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 2

Converting a Shed to a Tiny House.  Or a Shed House.  Shouse.  Tiny House Cabin Shed.  Man that “Shouse” sounds gross… use your own imagination for that one.  ha ha.

In Part 1 of these series we talked about how…

  1. Kelly is two thumbs up for this plan
  2. That its not really a “shed”
  3. And that these portable buildings are affordable!

Here in Part 2 we are going to dive into some fun details that bring our 7.5 acres and our kiddos into play.
I’m jazzed!!

#4. 800 sqft isn’t as small when its on 7.5acres

This is the point of this!  We have 3 kids that have lived their entire lives in the horrors of suburbia (blog post coming soon) where they can’t go outside in the backyard for 5 months out of the year due to mosquitoes. And 1 extra month because yes it does actually get cold here in Texas.  The dream is for our children to be homeschooled on compost, building construction, and BB guns.  Oh how sweet it will be!!  7.5 acres…man 1-2 acres is a ton of space for kids to run and jump and explore when compared to the typical less than 1/8 acre suburban lot.  Then you have families like us that are on a fast main street and that lot gets even smaller.  So we will live our lives outside.  And sleep inside!


As stated in Part 1 of Converting a Shed to a Tiny House our family is going to have to do a lot of work on the Tiny House Shed, plus in Texas its gonna be HOT!  Which is great because we homeschool our kids and there is so much to learn through this process.  A few of the lessons that we will be able to teach (and learn ourselves) are:

  • Setting a goal and accomplishing it.
  • Drawing to scale. 
  • Building a model home out of styrofoam. ( future blog & Vlog post coming soon)
  • Math.  Yes construction takes a lot of math.
  • Construction skills.
  • Story telling.  I am a video producer by trade, so story telling is a big teaching tool for me.  If any of my kids want to learn how to tell a story through the lens then I am excited to teach them!  I see my big boy running the camera for our vlogs in 1 year flat.
  • Time at the land! 
  • Problem solving
  • Team Work
  • And so much more.


#6.  We can move the Tiny House Shed if needed.

There have been several ideas for a “house” on our property.  Ironically, a typical house was never one of them.  The top one we thought would be first was actually a Barndominium.  The ability to have a large metal structure on the site was an amazing idea.  And we still love it, but the initial cost seems too steep ($60,000 for the shell).  A family could store an RV or have a full scale work shop.  

But the main reason that we have moved away from this idea is the long term cost.  I have learned that we will NEVER get our money back on the structure.  So let’s say we buy the shell, lay the slab, and install the metal barn…Maybe it comes out to $130-$160k by the end of the day??  I am not an expert at this so don’t bash me for the numbers please.  Anyway we would probably only raise the value of the property by 80% of what we paid for the Barndominium.  PLUS!  Wherever we put the structure, it is gonna stay there forever.  Scary thing to put a house in the wrong place.

With converting a shed to a tiny house, it still is fairly mobile.  Yes we’d have to hire someone to move it off of the property.  But its possible.  Also we highly believe in Permaculture so one of the top rules is to only use mobile structures until you fully understand your land.  You don’t want to place your home site in the best location for your garden or pond. 

By going with a Shed on cinder blocks/beams we have the option to move it someday.  Or take it with us to another property if we wish!

In Part 3 we will wrap up this Converting a Shed series with…

  • Is there such a thing as a “Forever Home”?
  • Why the idea of a Tiny House on wheels is pretty dumb.
  • Mortgage freedom is the aim!!!
  • And my own personal desire for being a man during this process.

“Catch you guys on the flippity flip!”

Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 1
Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 2
Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 3
And be sure to check out our Vlog tour of these sheds converted to a house!  Shed House or Shouse !!!  ha ha.

  • DeVona

    August 24, 2016at1:48 am

    Just love it! So so happy for your family and enjoy reading about the journey! 👍🏼

  • Beau

    August 24, 2016at4:02 pm

    Thank you so much! Devona!! Hopefully we’ll make the internet a slightly better place by sharing this “crazy” journey of ours. So glad that your with us!

  • Kelly couch

    August 25, 2016at11:10 am

    I can’t wait for y’all to join the homestead tribe!!!!!!!

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