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Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 3

Converting A Shed To A Tiny House – Part 3

YES!!!  The last post about our nutty professor plan of Converting a Shed to a Tiny House.

In Part 2 of these series we talked about how…

  • 800 sqft isn’t as small when its on 7.5acres
  • We can move the Tiny House Shed if needed.

Here in Part 3 we are diving in a little deeper.  Finish strong, finish strong…

#7. Our Forever Home??

Our 7.5acre property is not our “Forever Home” (future blog post).  

I have always dreamed about that “forever home”.  That retirement-utopia of bliss where I sit out on the front porch behind bushes and watch my neighborhood…but my neighborhood can’t see me.  That home that you build exactly how you want it.  With space for your kids to come back to.  That equity doesn’t matter because you’ll never sell it.  Your home.  Forever.

That doesn’t exist.  It shouldn’t.  Being with Christ is our “FOREVER HOME”.   My great friend Wayne Kerr wrote a tune called “This is Not My Home”.  Check the video out…but also go to his site and check him out on itunes!


#8.  A Tiny House on wheels is not for us.

  • Too small for our family
  • Meant to travel with
  • But can’t travel more than 2-3 times a year or it’ll start breaking
  • We own our land
  • We might build one of these next

Tiny houses on wheels are super cool!  But they are a fad.  And now some tiny houses are costing $150,000 for 150 sq ft!!!

This is insane!!  That is $1000/sq ft!

And actually it is flat out STUPID for anyone to spend money on something like that.  I don’t care how cool it looks.  With us converting a shed into a tiny house we are aiming at being under $60/sq ft.  And by doing some of the work ourselves it should be even lower.

#9.  The aim is to be debt free…including a mortgage.

We can’t wait to tell our story of becoming debt free (besides our current mortgage).  I am a big Dave Ramsey fan.  His 7 Baby Steps are what helped us get out of debt in 2010.  

Then we had our first boy.  Then we had our 2nd and 3rd.  Then we bought a house.  Then we bought land!  So we owe on real estate…but not for long. I’m not going to owe anything to anyone.  


#10.  Beau wants the experience of building a house.

  • I am not skilled enough yet, so starting with a shell and converting a shed into a tiny house is easier.
  • I want to build something.  Heck!  I own a Ryobi Cordless Tool Kit, I can build a house with that, right?!   JUST KIDDING Y’ALL! 
  • I want to share this journey online!
  • By getting this first one under our built we will be able to build more small buildings on our property, have an Air BNB income stream, and not to mention the ability for a passive income stream online as well.

You guys thank you for following us on these first series of ours.  I wanted to give a game plan for what this blog will be about over the next year or two and that is exactly what these 10 reasons why we are Converting a Shed to a Tiny House.  So much more to come!
Converting a Shed to a Tiny House Part 1
Converting a Shed to a Tiny House Part 2

And check out our Vlog to get to know us!

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