• we SOLD OUR HOUSE and moving to our HOMESTEAD (video link in Bio)
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  • The before and after! 
It appears that the 100 fires in his arm has been extinguished. He will be able to live like his old self again. And he will no longer need to be held by his infant sister for stability. The drama has quelled... for the moment.
  • Have y'all heard about this?! What's on your #doterra wishlist?
  • So who all has watched #thegreatamericanfarmtour yet?!???? Comments comments comments!!! Kelly and I are dying to know your favorite parts!!! #gaft
  • In the words of the 7 year old. "I'm still standing." If ONLY I could make myself believe that publishing the video of our ride to the hospital would not embarrass him for decades. Comments like 
I can't LIVE like this

It's like 100 fires in my arm

Finley! HOLD me! 
I'm gonna diiiiieeee

I knowed I shouldn't take the risk. Im not a risk taker

Lord have mercy if this child should ever wed. Thankfully we are all smiles now that his "invincible cast" is on.
  • Church is more than a quick fix once a week. A real church home is a place where you are known. 
We have a done a lot of adult growing up in our church home. We've both been employed here in one way or another over the last 10 years. We were engaged while we were here, got married while we were here, had our babies while we were here.

Here, we have learned to be raw and intimate with God. And we have learned that He can handle that. We have fallen in love with the nations here. Made our deepest friendships here. Our oldest got saved here. We are walking and talking and growing in a rich love of God and his word here. 
So on our last Easter Sunday here. I have to trust that we have been equipped here. That what we know is only a set up for what is next. 
Grace Fellowship. You have been good to us! So so good to us. God, it was the sweetest mercy for you to place us here. 
The countdown to listing our house begins!
  • This right here is the good stuff of homeschooling. The relationships. The tenderness that only grows with time together in the hard things and rejoicing with great exclamation over the little things. 
At times, the two middles are at odds. But their shared loves is found in seeking out and finding all things pretty. As the weather turned from pollen yellow to dark sky, Ollie found the pretty in weeds that shout "Spring!" And in his own wild way, came in exclaiming "Ella! I brought you a buffet!" This is the fierce love of a 5 year old. This is the sheer DELIGHT of a 3 year old. 
I wanna be more like them!
  • #breakfast ... I don't think I'm doing it right.
  • These YouTube comments make me so happy!! You just have to laugh back at the trolls sometimes.
  • Teaching Big E (and myself) robotics with the #Lego Boost system!  Thank you doTERRA for allowing me to work from home and not miss these moments!!!
  • Teaching Big E (and me!) some homeschooling math and problem solving with his Lego Boost Robot!!!
  • This guy.  Rex you are one awesome breeding buck!  #suburbanhomestead #homestead