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TONIGHT @7:30 CDT I'm teaching my first online event since selling our house and starting to build our homestead! And you're invited!! We have a bunch of space and I think it might just be waiting for YOU! **********************************
Ever feel like ANGER, SADNESS, JOY, FEAR and DISGUST are running the control board with no one to keep them in check?! Each day we face stressors on our commute, in our relationships, within our own bodies. Find out which essential oils will help you manage your mood and how to use them to stay healthy in your day to day life.

Registration link IN BIO!!!
***************************************** I would LOVE to have a full zoom room on my first event back. So I'm giving away one of these rollers LIVE!

Copy and share the link to your FB page. If we have 25, we'll give away 2!

Crossline or on another team doesn't matter. We are here to share the REAL solutions that oils bring and who couldn't use a way to calm the storm or curb the rage?!
  • While Beau is on the hunt for our next vehicle and the kids are having a quiet hour, I'm feeding my mind with some essential oil info; webinar with a #doterra Expert on #womenshealth and hormone support from natural, non-synthetic sources.

It wasn't long ago that we purchased items out of habit and only looked at the label for the coolest marketing or familiar brand. It had never occurred to me the wisdom in looking at how those ingredients effect my body, my mind, or how I felt each day. 
When our kids came on the scene, the veil was pulled back and what we put in and on our bodies mattered. What we cleaned with and breathed in mattered. And what we did with our time mattered. 
Essential oils aren't the only way to good health. Shocker, coming from someone who makes a living selling them. Not the only way for sure, but they're our first line of defense. 
We have a lot of crunchy #homesteader friends here. What are your household go-tos to take care of yourself?
  • We are packed and ready.  THANK YOU @wherethemudlingsare for giving us a roof over our heads for the last two days as we were signing the closing paperwork!  You.Are.THE.BEST!!!
  • 🤣🤣🤣 just found this note Kelly wrote 4 years ago.  #wecandothis  Also underneath our washer and dryer is so disgusting.
  • #letsdothis ! Last day in our suburban house before we sweat it out all summer to build out #homestead !!
  • Y'all, T minus 3 days till closing so what do we do?! ROADTRIP 🚗 
Hot coffee and #Hamilton playing.

What are your favorite tunes for roadtrippin?
  • This is happening.  About 60% of our home is now in this storage unit. #movingtothecountry
  • we SOLD OUR HOUSE and moving to our HOMESTEAD (video link in Bio)
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  • The before and after! 
It appears that the 100 fires in his arm has been extinguished. He will be able to live like his old self again. And he will no longer need to be held by his infant sister for stability. The drama has quelled... for the moment.
  • Have y'all heard about this?! What's on your #doterra wishlist?
  • So who all has watched #thegreatamericanfarmtour yet?!???? Comments comments comments!!! Kelly and I are dying to know your favorite parts!!! #gaft
  • In the words of the 7 year old. "I'm still standing." If ONLY I could make myself believe that publishing the video of our ride to the hospital would not embarrass him for decades. Comments like 
I can't LIVE like this

It's like 100 fires in my arm

Finley! HOLD me! 
I'm gonna diiiiieeee

I knowed I shouldn't take the risk. Im not a risk taker

Lord have mercy if this child should ever wed. Thankfully we are all smiles now that his "invincible cast" is on.