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Love our silly family videos? Well we want to make more! Click on the BIG IMAGE ABOVE and it’ll take you straight to Amazon to do all of your normal shopping…at no extra cost. It’s that simple!

We are also love word of mouth! Below are some of our top products that we love.
Please note: most of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means we receive a small commission if you purchase something after clicking the link. It doesn’t cost you any extra, and it helps to support us to make more silly videos and to help us develop our homestead! We are truly thankful for your support.

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We love this bible.  We love this bible!!  Holy moly we LOVE THIS BIBLE!!  Not only is it the best children’s bible…if you have ever been interested in who Jesus is, this book explains it and SHOWS it so beautifully in a complete story from beginning to end.

Great for helping your preschooler learn their letters!

Healthy Eating

This has been the greatest switch we’ve ever made for our cooking.  Everything tastes better with cast iron!!!

We have searched long and hard for clean coconut milk.  Kelly doesn’t do well with dairy, so coconut milk is our go to for her coffee and our green smoothies!

This has been the greatest switch we’ve ever made for our cooking.  Everything tastes better with cast iron!!!

Everybody knows it.  Its the superior blender out there for anything from smoothies to making your own dry flour substitutes.  Get one!


Looking for that extra kick that your plants need?  Garret Juice from The Dirt Doctor!!  This man knows plants.  With a proper balance this is your first go to.

Another great addition to your feeding routines.


I am NO professional.  But with me now being a #TimeFreeDad and getting our suburbia home ready to sell in the next year I needed a cordless tool kit that was affordable and would get the job done.  That’s why I went with Ryobi.  So much value in this kit!

I flat out LOVE THIS THING!!!!!  Seriously, I do!  We will be writing up a full review on it next week but you have got to know that this is as powerful as any gas weed eater on the market!  And for me being the absolute worst with small gas engines…this string trimmer is in the back of our car every time we go to work on our land.

Ok so this chainsaw is not going to cut down a large live oak or pine or anything substantial.  But it has got the power of this 56v Ego system.  And you never have to worry about mixing gas and oil and all of that.  Full review coming soon.

Ready for Anything

Even in suburbia, we have used this flashlight more than we thought we would.  Power outages here in H-town!  Plus I even chased away a possum in our backyard with it.

The absolute toughest iPhone charger cable we’ve found.  Currently color is in Rose, but I got it in grey.  Its still a super strong braided cable that won’t break on you for awhile.

We are always drinking out of mason jars.  And we drink A LOT of coffee.  We love this jar tops for long car rides.

When we first started thinking about preparedness and purchasing remote property…we KNEW we needed water.  We did our research and found that the Lifestraw Water Filter was exactly what we needed for clean potable and portable water.

Pressure Canner

Ok, we do love this thing and once we move onto our land we will be using it a ton.  Canning tomato sauces and chili and meat soups and all of those yummy things.  And we also have down below on our wish list an electric pressure canner.  I think either one of these would be an excellent purchase!

Berkey Water Filter

If there we ever had a fire or if there was a flood that we had to evacuate our house, our Berkey would be the first material thing I’d grab!  Water has never tasted so good.  Water has never been so clean.  We have never felt so confident that our kids are getting the best drinking water than with our Berkey.

Video Gear

I don’t currently own this camera…I am still using my old 60D which is much less in terms of specs.  The Canon 70D and 80D are excellent blog photography and YouTube Vlogging.  You’ll need an on camera mic though.  Microphone below.

What Beau uses to edit.  Beau is a Mac…Kelly is a PC.  DIVIDED HOUSEHOLD!!!!

It is said that in the old days of film, that good sound makes a good movie.  If you are wanting to get into YouTube/video production the you need a good microphone.  We can’t recommend this one enough.  And now there is a big brother for it!!  Just remember to turn it on!!  haha.

This hard drive is excellent for storing all of your family photos from that 4K iPhone of yours!  Hard drives are so stinking cheap now why not get one that will last you a long time.