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Welcome to Our Blog!

— Welcome to Our Blog!

Holy Guacamole Batman!!!!  Y’all, Kelly and I have a blog! How cool is that and we are so excited!
Bettertogetherlife.com  BAM!!
If you are just finding us, my name is Beau Brotherton and my wife is Kelly (she is so much cooler than me). We run an essential oils company and have the ability to be free from time constraints of a 9-5 J.O.B. And it didn’t work for us. We longed to be “TOGETHER”. To work fulltime with my bride and to be with my kids all day long!
This is our story. We also are building a homestead / hobby farm in Texas. AND we are homeschooling! Ha ha ha. So let’s unpack who the Brotherton’s are…

  • Main bread winner quit his job to sell essential oils.
  • Starting an online presence through blogging and podcasting and YouTube.
  • Walking away from the “normal life” of suburbia to live in a town of 5000 people to homestead.
  • Saying no thanks to go*vernment schools and homeschooling.
  • Family with 3 kids… and YES!!!! We will have more dang it. And happy about it.
  • Oh yea… we are also debt free. Thank you Dave Ramsey!

So what is the Brotherton’s MO? We swim upstream. We see goals at the top of mountains and we climb them. We CRUSH the status quo!
Y’all I’m pumped. I am passionate about sharing who we are and how we got here. We are dedicated to this blogging platform for the reason to have one person tell us that we helped them.
FORMAT: lol! So great and funny, I honestly have no idea. We have many posts already written and we plan to post 2-3 times per week. We also are going to be bringing a podcast and YouTube videos also.
INTERACTION: How please come and be with us and interact! Leave comments, share with friends and social media, tell us how we are NUTS…but talk with us. This doesn’t work if we don’t hear from you. Because like our name, “Life is Better Together”.
So here we go. Let’s do this! à  BetterTogetherLife.com

  • Melissa Green

    August 18, 2016at7:24 pm

    Your vlog is entertaining. You have a talent for video and editing. I’m looking forward to the next ones.

  • Doris Crabtree

    August 18, 2016at9:12 pm

    Where is your new home? It looks good. May all go well with your home schooling.

  • Beau

    August 24, 2016at4:06 pm

    Hey Doris, our land is in central Texas. We aren’t there yet, most likely it’ll be summer of 2017. There is A LOT to do with downsizing to this level with 3 kids. So there will be a great amount of content to cover. Glad you’re joining us as we swim upstream!

  • Beau

    August 24, 2016at4:06 pm

    Thanks Melissa!

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