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This company has meant two things to our family… Physical Freedom and Financial Freedom.  Through incredible relationships, we’ve found both and helped our team do the same.  Make money with essential oils IS possible!  Creating a passive income stream is what we know how to do.


It’s our desire to empower other families to swim upstream, challenge the status quo, and create their own freedom. We see lives change daily through using and sharing doTERRA.

Is this YOU?!

Are you the person who sees a movie or eats at an incredible restaurant, blasts it on social media and tells everyone to go? That movie or store you love isn’t going to pay you back to promote. But essential oils have done just that for our team.


Get your oils costs covered or replace your income. We are excited to meet you right where you are to make money with essential oils.

Frequently Asked Q’s

Why Order Wholesale?

Think Costco or Sam’s club. A $35 membership fee gets you all the oils you want at 25% OFF! That’s the why right there. Get a good price on high quality oils. Then order what you want when you want (just like walking in to a big box store). Instead of giant bags of popcorn, you get wellness for your family.

Does a wholesale account mean I have to sell?

Not at all! Wholesale is yours to use as you like.  No quotas to keep up.  However if you want to make money with essential oils you can do that anytime in the future.

What if I don’t want a kit?

No problem 🙂 You can custom build your own first order with your $35 membership fee. We like kits because they are a deeper discount/more bang for your buck. A kit has a selection of “first line of defense” oils that will serve your family well in typical little emergencies that come up.

What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program?

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is the smartest way to get your doTERRA. It’s exclusively available to wholesale members. You’ll love it because…free stuff!
You know those monthly amazon or beauty boxes you can order? doTERRA steps it up and actually  PAYS YOU BACK in product credit and FREE product with your monthly order through Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).
LRP is is a flexible, optional, monthly program. Change what you want to come each month, when it arrives, and even where it ships.  Cancel any time or pick back up at any time during your membership. You don’t get more user friendly than LRP.


Sign up online then let us know you did.

Contact us personally and we will walk you through it!