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Wow I am a #TimeFreeDad!!!

Wow I am a #TimeFreeDad!!!

As I am sitting at my desk with my kiddos falling asleep I am watching our very first Vlog on Youtube have 95 views!  If you haven’t seen it check it out here:

And then “Cookies”, which is the follow up from the same day:

This is my life you guys!!  This is what Kelly and I are blessed to do all day.  My job for the night is to find a way to get our first episode to 100 views for the first day!  It happened!!  102 views in one day!  How amazingly cool is that?!?!  And here is the biggest part…
Kelly isn’t even here.  She had a death in the family (and please pray for our family as they morn).  But Kelly and I are blessed that I was able to head to Austin with our kids and watch my nieces and nephew so Kelly and her sister started the drive to KC.  And Kelly won’t return for another 5 days.  And I’ll be able to be a dad and love on my kids and probably even make a Vlog or two over the weekend!  ha ha.
How did we do this?

  1. We found something that we were passionate about and we worked it HARD for 3 years (and counting).
  2. We spent less than we made and saved!  We can’t recommend Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University enough!
  3. We had goals!  Our two biggest goals are to FULLY FUND A FIELD WORKER FAMILY in an unreached people group.  And the second is to buy land and build a homestead.

It has been a blast for us and a 9-5 just doesn’t make sense to our brains.  I guess we’re weird huh?  Or is dedicating 40hrs a week to something that could kick you to the curb at anytime weird?

  • Kelly couch

    August 19, 2016at5:49 pm

    Love love love

  • Kelly couch

    August 19, 2016at5:55 pm

    Love again!!! Just love it!!!

  • Julie Parish

    August 20, 2016at5:10 am

    You guys are AWESOME!! Love you vlogs (that’s what you called it right?) I hope to see more. It is pretty cool to see someone you know living life the way you are. You guys are fun and inspiring!

  • Beau

    August 24, 2016at4:03 pm

    Thank you Julie!!!! I’m working on 2 more Vlogs that will begin posting this week! I was home alone with our 3 kiddos for 5 days! ha ha. Its was entertaining for sure. 🙂

  • Beau

    August 24, 2016at4:04 pm

    Thanks Kelly!

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